Friday, June 10, 2016

Sponsored post: Lucido-L Argan Hair Treatment Oil

Friday, June 10, 2016
Used to always complain about my hair condition everytime, everywhere.... Believe it or not, my hair condition has been improving with the help of constantly trying new products, and not forgetting my hair sponsors. However, I've been on a look out for a good hair oil to try, and I was delighted when Lucido-L offered to send me a set of their Lucido-L Argan Hair Treatment Oil! In this post, I will be reviewing on these products. Read on to find out more. :)


Introducing Lucido-L's Argan Oils! These Argan Oils claim to deeply repair your hair to provide a consistent healthy glow and suppleness. 

They are extremely lightweight as they are compressed under high pressure to flatten each argan oil molecule. The increased surface area helps to boost absorption and coat each hair strand with smooth and silky finishing. Hmm, sounds good, doesn't it?

The pink one is meant to deeply moisturize fine to normal hair! 

Whereas this gold one (with rich moisture) is meant to intensively repair thick and damaged hair! 

I've decided to go for the pink one as I felt that my hair isn't as damaged that day as compared to usual. ^_^

The application of this product is by a pump~ This makes it easier to control the amount I needed from the bottle. They are easy to use and very convenient! 

Oh and here's a fun fact: Lucido-L Argan Oil is stored in a dark glass bottle to prevent light from breaking down the healing properties of Argan Oil. Sounds legit!

The consistency of the product is watery and lightweight, which I love! It is very clear and looks just like water. I tend to look out for a lightweight product for my hair because I don't want it to be too "heavy" on my hair. And omg, guys, the light floral scent of the product is so addictive. *_*

This is a multi-tasking product! You may use it:
1. before you blow-dry / style your hair, 
2. on its own,
3. before you sleep

Rub the oil together between your palms and apply it thoroughly on your hair ends. Here are the results after I've applied and blow-dried.


If you can tell, there's actually a difference in my hair between the two photos! Besides, not only there's a difference in appearance, it also feels so soft and I could run my fingers through my hair smoothly without fail. And that is something, because usually I cannot do so. :P

I would so recommend this product to those people who are looking for a good and affordable hair oil! If any of you are interested, each of these Argan Oils are priced at $16.90, from Watsons, Guardian, and other leading drugstores and supermarkets. :)

Alternatively, you guys can also try out their samples which they are giving away, for FREE! Redeem a free sample from Lucido-L's Facebook page and get a 25% discount voucher. Sounds like a good deal!!!

For more information, check out their social media pages:

Thank you for taking your time to read! Till then, xo.

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