Thursday, December 27, 2018


Thursday, December 27, 2018

Some of my close ones know that I reaaaally hate drying my hair (or maybe I'm just lazy...) because I find it quite tiresome as I feel like normal conventional hair dryers takes awhile to get my hair dry completely.

A few weeks back, I was sent the Panasonic EH-NA98 & I've tried it a few times already. I must say that it does a good job in getting my hair dry quick! Here is how the product looks like:

It comes with a quick dry nozzle as well as a separate set of nozzles which I like having it on all the time when I dry my hair. J

Many might know that Panasonic is a well-known & reliable Japanese brand, not only for electrical appliances, but they are experienced in beauty care as well. The new Panasonic EH-NA98 hair dryer promises to not only dry one's hair, but also beautifies by helping us users to achieve softer, and healthier scalp! 

nanoe technology

It is the key feature of the latest Panasonic EH-NA98 hair dryer! So what are they? They are nano-sized electrostatic atomised water particles. Typical hair dryers will normally cause dryness in our hair due to high heat - and because of this, some up-to-date hair dryers use negative ions to adhere to our hair surface, making the hair feel smooth and healthy.

With that said, Panasonic ultra-fine nanoe ions actually contains 1000x more moisture as compared to normal negative ions. Not only do they penetrate moisture into the hair, it also helps to moisturise your scalp to keep it healthy, preventing dryness which causes damage to the hair. nanoe™ also helps to suppress static electricity in our hair by neutralising the positive charge that generates on the surface of our hair, thus preventing hair flyaways.

Here are some videos to give you a better understanding of nanoe™ technology!

In addition to nanoe™ technology, the Panasonic hair dryer also utilizes double mineral ions to protect my hair from harmful UV rays. This also makes my hair stronger and shinier, as well as more resistant from styling and brushing.

Scalp Care Mode

Personally, I have a dry scalp problem. It is really frustrating for me as it gets really itchy sometimes and especially on the days when I don't wash my hair (I wash my hair on alternate days), it gets extra itchy and annoying.. I get dandruffs occasionally as well and it really feels uncomfortable and unappealing, almost affecting my own self-esteem. Here is a microscopic picture of my scalp which my hairstylist took for me a few weeks back:

The Scalp Care Mode on the hair dryer (refer to picture below) aims to help moisturise the scalp by leaving it healthy & not dry. I have tried using the Scalp Care Mode, and my scalp does feel less "itchy" and my dandruff situation has improved.

I personally feel that having healthy, non-greasy hair makes one feel more confident!

Skin Care Mode

The Skin Care Mode speaks for itself - the Panasonic EH-NA98 aims to beautify the user's skin by keeping it moisturised with the same nanoe™ technology. Normally, when using a typical hair dryer on our hair, the hot air gets onto our face as well and without any special technology enforced with it, it dries out our skin in the long run. 

The Skin Care Mode helps to solve that problem, and with the Panasonic EH-NA98, users can dry their hair without worrying about the hot air getting into their faces, as the nanoe™ technology will help to protect and moisturise our face and skin.

All in all, I find that the Panasonic EH-NA98 hair dryer is quite a good product for its price point! I would recommend this product to anyone because it is a product that not only focuses on drying and keeping one's hair healthy, but it also focuses on beauty and skin care, by addressing the user's concern while drying hair.

Stay beautiful! x


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Let’s Talk About Insecurities: How I Got Started With Invisalign Treatment At i.Dental

Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Hi guys! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated this space - kind of miss the feeling of sitting down and typing on my laptop 🌝 But recently, I’ve had some milestone to-dos crossed off my list, and really thought I should get round to documenting my experiences!

In case you didn’t already know, I’ve finally embarked on my much-anticipated teeth-straightening journey! One of the reasons why I marked this as a major landmark occasion, was because I’d finally addressed one of my biggest insecurities: my smile.

For the longest time, I’ve been harbouring some low-key insecurity regarding my teeth condition.

It was only about 3 years ago that I started actively searching for solutions on how to straighten my teeth - a time in which I found myself becoming progressively involved in being in front of the camera, and finding a following on Instagram. I was posting content everyday, and was increasingly aware of how I looked in pictures or videos online. I was admittedly growing more and more self-conscious with each passing day.

Condition Of My Teeth
So, here’s a not-so-secret secret:

More often than not, you’ll always find me showing off my left profile than my right.

I was determined to have my teeth straightened, pronto. And luckily for me, I soon found a solution in i.Dental!

As an established practice of more than 30 years, and achieving the highest status of being the one and only Invisalign Black Diamond provider in Singapore, I knew immediately I was in good hands. I mean, they’ve been appointed by Align Technology - the very makers of Invisalign - as Singapore’s Invisalign Flagship clinic since 2015. If that doesn’t speak for their experience, I really don’t know what else would!

I’m currently working with Dr. Elstan Lim at i.Dental on my Invisalign treatment, who’s super friendly and attentive to my many queries, and even took the extra effort to explain some of the common teeth misalignments that can be corrected with Invisalign!

In my case, my misaligned teeth was determined to be a case of cross bite, which shows up quite apparently on my right side — a terribly unflattering look to see gaps between my teeth when I smile with my lips apart, if you’d ask me.

In fact, if you’re still uncertain about what suits you best, this quiz may help you come to a fruitful decision!

What's Invisalign? Why Invisalign?

Well, in short, they are custom-made clear aligners which works just like braces, except they aren’t as visible or conspicuous as braces is. I learned later on that they were popular alternatives for braces because they were convenient to to wear and bring around, and was generally considered more comfortable.

I was ecstatic to learn I didn’t have to commit to having the look of metal wires in my mouth. Although I knew of people who looked cute in braces, I was sure that wasn’t the look for me. So, Invisalign it is!

As an added bonus, I could also “stock up” on my aligner trays, in ever the case I’m busy with my travelling commitments, and would only ever need to visit the clinic every 6 to 8 weeks, compared to the stringent 4 weeks for braces!

What’s shocking is that even for Invisalign, there’s a wide variety of options to choose from. The common ones you’d hear about would be Invisalign Full, Invisalign Lite and Invisalign Teen, but the list of options are definitely more extensive than that - and depending on your lifestyle and preference, you dentist would then recommend what would best suit you!

If you’re curious or contemplating about taking up Invisalign as well, perhaps you might want to check out this extensive list of Invisalign types to better prep yourself for your first appointment.

But I was sold. The cherry on top of the cake? I was told it’d take a shorter duration to correct my teeth with Invisalign, than traditional braces would. Just 1.5-2 years and I’d be on my way to a fuller, more confident smile!

In Present Day…
As of today, 31 October 2018, I’m proud to announce that I’m currently owner and wearer of my 7th set of aligners!

Since the commencement of my treatment, I’ve encountered challenges in staying compliant and committed to wearing my aligners (think: irregular work hours, ever-changing lifestyle habits and frequent travelling in the past few months) - thus delayed and had several setbacks regarding my treatment timeline.

In all frankness? Coupled with my own procrastination and lack of discipline when I’m overseas… I feel it’s important for me to stress that wearing Invisalign is definitely a commitment. It’s important to keep in mind that for consistent progress to be made, the clear aligners would have to be worn at least 22 hours a day!

It definitely helps that I’m surrounded by people who urge and encourage me to wear my Invisalign consistently when I forget…!

Can you spy my aligners on? 

You’re In Luck!
If you’re looking for a subtle teeth-straightening option too, i.Dental will be holding another Invisalign Day this December, back by popular demand! Details below —

Date: 8th December 2018, Saturday
Time: 9am to 5pm
Venue: 168 Robinson Road, Capital Tower, #13-04, Singapore 068912

Admission is $21.40 (with GST), inclusive of consultation, smile assessment and goodie bag. Attendees will get to see how their teeth will look like with the latest 3D simulation software iTero Element 2, and will also enjoy exclusive treatment package price and receive a set of clear retainer (worth $450) for free, if they sign up on the same day.


I’ve been getting some questions regarding my Invisalign journey since I’ve announced my collaboration with i.Dental on IG, so I’ll be sharing more on my dental consultations, and some changes I’ve noticed over the past few months in my next post. I’m so happy to share with you guys on my progress, so follow me as I go along on my socials (and feel free to cheer me on too 😊)!

Till next time! x


Friday, November 4, 2016

Sponsored post: #DanceWithEsprit

Friday, November 4, 2016
How's everybody doing? I hope all of you are excited for the end of year because I definitely am!!! ;)

Last weekend, I attended the Esprit's #DanceWithEsprit event @ VivoCity with @sheilamansy, and it was fun because we got to play the Xbox game "Just Dance". I got to play it twice and trust me, after each game it got me so exhausted but I felt really good, like I just exercised! x) 

I used to learn dancing (hip-hop) for a bit whilst in poly, it was my one of my curriculum module! Although I'm not a professional dancer, I enjoyed every bit of it! During that semester, I will always look forward to every dance class. That's because dance class was the only time that I could relax and let it all out by expressing myself freely through the dance moves that were taught by my instructor! After each session I will always feel good about myself, no matter how good or bad my day has been. I guess dancing really helps in distracting negative thoughts and improving one's mood. I'm pretty sure many dancers out there will get what I'm trying to say here!

This season, Esprit has come up with a Fall/Winter 2016 Sportswear collection that exudes femininity without sacrificing style for functionality. It meets the needs of women who want to be stylish anytime from workout to casual outing~ 

I'm so glad I got to keep a few pieces from this collection, the items I've picked out were very comfortable, minimalistic, yet cute at the same time. If you guys noticed from my social media, my go-to style has always been very casual and minimal! I don't usually go for loud colours or prints, but this collection definitely carries a variety of styles which can accommodate to different tastes and preferences! 

The Fall/Winter 2016 Sportswear collection celebrates the colourful autumn season by combining various patterns and prints - from colourful paisley pattern to the monochrome palette of black, white, grey. Just like how the mannequin is dressed! 

I love the colours of these sports bra, especially the pink one! Hehe. The new seamless sports bra is conceived for high-intensity training while flattering the body.

The items I've picked out in the end were:

- This cute white top (I picked out a size M to go for a "baggy" look which I like!)
The material of this t shirt is very soft and comfortable, I guess it could act as my night time pyjamas as well! :p

- Dark grey shimmery joggers (on the right)
This was the FIRST item which caught my eye the moment I saw the sportswear range, not even kidding! It's too pretty to be a jogger / track pants lol!

- A simple grey hoodie
I love hoodies and this one's perfect because it's not heavy and not thick either! Love!!!

I super love the pink zip lining detail!! Bonus point for me~ 

The event last weekend went really well! We were both dressed in the outfits that we picked out~ It's also really nice and entertaining to see some people volunteer to play the Just Dance game in front of the shopping crowd! These people are the ones that inspired me, because they were so sporting and brave, and they couldn't care less about what other people think of them and went ahead to have their own fun! 

Moving on to my next point, I personally believe that no matter our shape or sizes, everyone is perfect in their OWN way. People who aren't confident and are constantly bringing themselves down just because they don't feel good about their body/looks, they see themselves as Imperfect. Whereas people who are confident and loving oneself, not caring about what others have to say about them, they see themselves as #ImPerfect (I'm Perfect). 

Oh yes! After we played the game, participants were entitled to a goodie bag and a lucky draw! So guess what? I've won myself a $20 shopping voucher to spend, time to get that cute pullover from the Sportswear collection I've been eyeing on~

Thank you Esprit Singapore for the great experience and for having me onboard this campaign, because other than having the chance to adore your new Fall/Winter 2016 Sportswear collection, there is so much to learn and to take home regarding loving ourselves. X

Do check out the new sportswear collection in stores at the following outlets:

1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-73
Singapore 098585

Parkway Parade
8 Marine Parade Road, #01-32
Singapore 449269

Till next time!