Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Advertorial: Orchard Central Beauty Trail

Wednesday, April 6, 2016
Helluuuuu guys!
A few weeks back, I took a day off from my hectic schedule and headed to town for my pampering sessions, hosted by Orchard Central. Ahhh, it was such a wonderful and relaxing experience, because tbh I can never really find the time to pamper myself from head to toe, all in just one day! Thank you Orchard Central and their tenants for the love! x

First stop: Skin Shape Club

As someone who doesn't go for facials often, I was quite hyped to go for this facial session! I was warmly greeted by their Manager, who was very very friendly and approachable. She spoke to me and discussed with me about my skin concerns. I told her dry skin was my main concern, and afterwards we moved straight to the customised facial which she did for me!! 

Mini cosy room for consultations with the specialists.

Below are the treatments that she did for me!

Skin Shaper Facial ($120 / 30mins)
Treatment facial using FDA-approved Light and Calibrated Thermal Energy to brighten dull skin, reduce lines and clear acne.

Ultra Skin Soother Facial ($200 / 60mins)
An ultra-soothing facial treatment aimed at reducing the redness of skin, in addition to balancing the moisture level in skin. It is suitable for various skin conditions such as post-laser skin, sensitive skin resulting from excess use of peeling/harsh products, sunburnt skin, acne rosacea, dehydrated and, irritating skin, jet-lag skin, oily acne skin, dry skin, red blotchy skin

Eye Brightener ($120 / 30mins)
An eye treatment using Light and Calibrated Thermal Energy with massage and soothing mask for reducing dark eye circles and puffy eyes. see visible improvement after 1 session. See visible improvement after 1 session!

She did the following treatments for me to help lighten my dull skin, hydrate my skin condition (I have really dry skin), and also to help lighten my horrible dark circles. I felt really refreshed, and pampered after the entire session. My skin did felt so much better and softer as well! It felt as if like water was pumped into my face :b

For somebody who is very lazy in maintaining a skincare routine, I felt that the treatments did help quite a bit and I'm amazed by the results!! :) It makes me want to take better care and maintain my skin regularly from now on haha. I must say it was quite effective, and I'm thankful for it.

Cleaning off my make up and residues before the treatments! She was very nice and constantly asked about how I felt during the procedures / treatments. She was very patient and informative. Chatting with her made me feel less tensed, and more relaxed hehehe.

After treatments, customers will be brought into this lounge to chill, relax, or you may even do your work here. Awesome!

Yoghurt was served on the table, yummy!!!!

Thank you Skin Shape Club for a pleasant experience. :')

Skin Shape Club
Orchard Central
Unit #03-13/14

Tel: 6589 8331

Second stop: Organic Hair Professional

Next, hair!!! The salon is located right beside Skin Shape Club. I was awed at the interior design of the salon the moment I stepped it. Super pretty!!!

Sitting lounge right at the entrance.

Organic Hair Professional provides hair services with a strong belief in creating natural beautiful hair. The products and treatments they provide contains less harmful chemicals, as few parabens, ammonia-free, and are replaced with natural and organic ingredients!! This will help prevent your hair from feeling brittle and dry, so your scalp will not be irritated and sore.

This is something you guys may not know, but I actually really enjoy going for hair appointments, because I enjoy the idea and feeling of just sitting there and getting my hair touched/treated by the hairstylists. :x I'm sorry if this sounds really weird to y'all HAHAHA. 

Did their NATURE'S ORGANIC Moisture Intensive Masque Treatment. It is a hydrating treatment thats seals in moisture, strengthens and smooth hair while controlling frizz! 

Above are the products that they used for my hair for the treatment. Did I also mention that the products uses biodegradable and recyclable packaging??


After having the treatment, for the next 3-4 days, my hair was still soft and bouncy!! I could even run my fingers through my hair when I couldn't even do so before. HAHA.
 However, we should always apply hair masks once in awhile to maintain our hair condition! No effort, no gain.

I felt that this treatment was less damaging to my hair because of it's organic properties, also, it seems to last longer than my other treatments (which usually lasts until the next wash, no idea why). OH, AND THE SMELL OF IT. This organic treatment gives off a really pleasant scent during the whole process. 

I couldn't stop touching my hair that evening. Mmhm.

Organic Hair Professional
Orchard Central
Unit #03-15

Tel: 6554 2188

Third stop: Tokyu Hands

TOKYU HANDS is a newly opened Japan's Creative Life Store! They bring in high quality and functional Japanese products ranging from living-ware and travel goods, to kawaii items, beauty products and more. A way to treat yourself to some retail therapy after feeling pampered up. :p

Besides shopping, you can also use and print photos from the FUJIFILM Wonder Print Station located in the shop (launched for the first time in Singapore)!

You may use ez-link payment to pay for the printed photos.

 I've printed all of it with white borders because I love how simple and clean it looks. However, you can actually add cute borders and images onto your photos to make it more lively and interesting!! 

Tokyu Hands
Orchard Central
Unit #B1-07

Tel: 6834 3755

Till next time x

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