Sunday, October 16, 2016

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hi guys!! Awhile ago I've received a new pair of shoes and a bag, and I wanna share with you where I got them from. :) Continue reading, and psst.. there’s a special code only for my blog readers which you can use at a really really good deal! Trust me on this ;)

900online is Singapore’s first online outlet store that offers authentic and luxurious fashion items from U.S. & Europe. I’ve personally checked their website out and noticed that they carry a lot of brands that appealed to me at first sight, like Superga, Kate Spade, Herschel and more! 

So the items I've received: a pair of Superga shoes and an Anello bag pack!

I got the Superga shoe in the colour light grey!
They come in a range of colours and designs. With a fully breathable pure cotton and extra strong upper, these canvas shoes are the perfect combination of comfort and style. Honestly the colour looks better than the product picture on the website. I was quite happy when I opened the package hehehe!

And this Anello bag pack in black! Originating from Japan, this bag is unisex, versatile, has a large storage capacity and an additional double up buckles as a safety precaution. Didn't expect the bag to have such a big of a space, but it's good for school or even travelling purposes~

Both of the products that I received were in superb brand new condition (of course) and not forgetting the authenticity of it. Yayz 

Here's a step by step guide to show how fast and easy the transaction process is!

  1. Browse through the website~ In this case I wanted to look at the bags from Kate Spade, so I went ahead and clicked on Kate Spade’s picture link under “Featured Brands” on the Women’s page!

Chanced upon something that I really like!!!!!

2. Click on the product you wish to purchase. (I love this so much I think I'm gonna get it for real)

3. Click on “Add to cart”! It will direct you to this page, then click on "Checkout" to proceed on~

4. Fill in all the necessary details (billing address, contact and payment details etc).

Once you're done, just click "Review your order" and they will ask your your payment details, and there you go! Just wait for your parcel to arrive. ^_^ Simple!

Now here's the surprise for all my readers who clicked on this post…

Use this secret code <melxoxo> for a whooping 50% OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG. Imagine getting that Kate Spade bag I've picked out above, at HALF the price - $199.95 instead of the stated price $399.90!!!

Or a pair of Superga shoes at $32.95 instead of $65.90. Such a steal! 

So go ahead and take a look at the website, I'm very sure you will find something that you may like! :) 

Thank you all for reading, till next time! x

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