Monday, January 4, 2016

Soozip @ Orchard Central

Monday, January 4, 2016
Hello guys! 
A few days back, Charlotte, Ellena and I visited the Soozip Korean Designer Fair held at Orchard Central! 

Soozip is based in Korea, they sell handmade accessories, jewelleries, apparels and many other pretty knick knacks. (I've seen a few which I love!!!) Back in Korea, they hold approximately about 30 events in a year. Not to mention, their items are all handmade by their individually sourced designers.

Me and Charlotte's pick!

Beautiful selection of rings

Their bracelets! *heart shape eyes*

 This particular shop was what caught our attention. These are little accessories holder, or you can also "hide" anything you want in them. :b

This gift box one was my favourite x

So tempted to get one for myself, I might consider going back to purchase it!!

 There's a little area where they sell korean apparels as well!

These sunglasses have bulletproof lenses :o

The mirror was there so why not snap some mirror selfies HAHAHAHA. The people at 4 fingers were staring at us like "what are those 3 bimbos doing".....


Here's us with the Director of Soozip!

A few more group shots to conclude my post hehe.

If you have the time and interest, do drop by the Soozip Korean Designer Fair today!
The marketplace will end on the 13th Jan, they're located at ground level!

Besides that, they also have a store in Orchard Central #04-03 which opens from 11am to 10pm everyday.

For more info, you may visit their following sites:

(They will be launching an English website soon, in May 2016!)


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