Monday, December 14, 2015

Eyelash Extentions by Lushlashh

Monday, December 14, 2015
Hello x
As some of you may know, I recently got eyelash extensions done by my new sponsor - Lushlashh!
It was my first time ever doing eyelash extensions, and honestly, at first I was pretty skeptical about it. I've seen other people's lashes ended up looking either too over the top or too plastic looking.... 

As I entered the shop, I was greeted with a warm welcome by their beauty technician, Wendy! Despite the size of the shop, the place somehow gives me a warm and cozy feeling :3

They even have a little corner here for you to touch up after if you need to!

I wasn't sure what kind of style I wanted to go for, but I know I wanted it to look as natural as possible. Wendy suggested to do for me their 'B Cute' style, with a mixture of B and C curl! However, she also did customised the style a lil for me to suit to my liking! 

Honestly, I am pretty satisfied with the end result. I never knew eyelash extensions could make such a difference in my make-up routine now. For example: No need for eye make up to school anymore. HEHE.

Heres a selfie I took in class - literally had only base makeup, brows and lips. Nothing on the eyes!

Snap taken before ZoukOut

My girl got her eyelashes done too (at another palour). Oh and I had no eyeliner on for these pics too.

However, me as a first timer, didn't really know how to take good care of my lashes. :( So I'll be heading down again this week to get it touched up. Can't wait!!!

Oh yes, they are currently having a December promo:
Korean Unlimited strand by strand extensions at only $90, with free removal!

Lush Lashh
Instagram: @lushlashh

Located at:
The Arcade
Raffles Place #03-12
(Opening hours: 10:30am to 7:30pm)

To book an appointment, contact: 8568 5268 / 9477 3322

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