Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love & Co.

Sunday, February 14, 2016
Happy Lunar New Year guys! 恭喜发财 kekeke.

So last week, I was invited down to Love & Co. (VivoCity outlet) to get to know more about their wedding bands and jewellery pieces.

Love & Co. specialises in couple bands, diamond solitaires, and love jewellery. Love & Co. brings the romantic essence of love to the jewellery store with a touch of sophistication and contemporary elegance.

They are one of the leaders in wedding bands, and they've got the widest selections of couple bands for couples to choose from. The couple bands have concentrated design efforts, and also, advanced manufacturing methods and craftsmanship are used into creating these wonderful bands! Not to forget, they also provide stringent quality checks on the bands, so that it could last for a very long time. :')

First, I was introduced to their New Collection:

LVC Love Story

It is a necklace piece with a selection of exquisite charms nestled safely within a white gold sapphire glass locket. I thought that this was a pretty good gift idea for someone dear to you. :') You'll be able to choose from a whole range of alphabets, numbers, and exclusive charms specially designed to express your unique story with your significant other.

This pretty piece is available in rose gold (newly-launched!!), plain white gold, and white gold with diamonds.

Signature Collection - LVC Promise

These wedding bands are limited edition. They are interchangeable LVC Promise wedding bands, with a choice of plain or diamond bands.

The signature bands from this collection are the Interlocking 'L's & 'Glamour' piece with more than 2 carats of diamonds, which makes the perfect wedding band.

Signature Collection - LVC Lovemark (Solitaire)

The LVC Lovemark collection has 50 Promises of Quality. It also holds a mark of exclusivity, and a dual assurance with inscription of Rose Hallmark.

The above shots are a few of my favourites from the LVC Lovemark collection x

Platinum Range - LVC Proponere / Purete

These are some of the other collections that they carry whereby they also provide weave in engraving services!

There's this machine/telescope whereby you can see the diamonds up-close. How cool!

This piece was love at first sight!!!! Omg. Its perfect. But sadly its too big for my tiny wrist. :(

A board that tells me a little more about different kinds of diamonds.

Thank you Love & Co. for the wonderful hospitality! Not to mention, they practice world-class service. The staff over there were very service-oriented, and I realised every single one of them were very smiley  ^-^ Consultants were well-groomed and were willing to go the extra mile for their customers.


Valentine's Day is around the corner, and if you aren't quite sure on what to get for your significant other, why not head on down to Love & Co. and take a look for yourselves! ;) Here's a treat for my readers:

Quote <LVCxMelinaIrwan> for $100 off when you purchase the LVC Lovemark solitaire collection or a pair of LVC Promise wedding bands! Promotion is only valid till 30 April 2016. :)

For more info, you can visit their following sites:

Happy Valentine's Day! I love you all. :*

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