Saturday, July 25, 2015


Saturday, July 25, 2015
Hello guys! If you have been following my Snapchat or Instagram, some of you guys may have realised that I recently got my hair done, thanks to Salon De Choix, which I will be collaborating with from now!

I've had long hair since I was 14. As much as I love having long hair, I have always had problems with my hair being dry and tangled. I can never leave the house without a brush. When I know that I'll be collaborating with Salon De Choix, I was so excited! Finally, I'll be able to say goodbye to my damaged hair soon. :3

So I squeezed out some time from my busy schedule and went ahead and booked my very first appointment with them on. The salon is actually quite accessible, just a 2 minute walk from Somerset MRT Station. I'll leave their address at the end of this post!

Before I begin,

my readers will be entitled to 15% off all hair services from Salon De Choix when you quote my name <MelinaIrwan> - look for my hairstylist, William! :) 

Located at Winsland House
 Store front
Front desk 

Washing area

The ambience of the salon is fantastic. There's also a range of complimentary drinks and snack for you to choose once you enter the salon! I settled for coke. :p

Here's William, examining my hair and giving me suggestions and ideas on what should I do to my hair!

Firstly, he gave me a trim to get rid of my damaged split ends. Love how easy it is now to comb through my hair after cutting all the split ends away, yay!!! He also gave me a shorter fringe!

After the haircut, its time to colour dye my hair. We settled for a Mahogany Brown as the base, along with some Light Brown highlights! They provide customers with a stylish looking kimono/robe, no doubt, I felt like a princess in it heh.

They did the highlight dye first before doing the base. (pardon my left eyelid, the inner corner was dried skin, which is now healed already phew!!)

So after the dying and washing process, its treatment time!!!! Firstly, William sprayed the Nourishment and Protection Of Colour concentrĂ© & booster on my hair and allowed it to sit on my hair for 10 minutes with a steamer over my head. Afterwards, he applied a hair mask and let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing everything off!

 Products used for my hair ^ 

Tad! Here's the end result for my hair! William took time to give me some temporary curls as well. Thank you!!

 Meet my hairstylist, William! He's super friendly and approachable :p

Can't wait for my next appointment already! Thank you Salan De Choix for my new hair! xo

Winsland House 
3 Killiney Road #01-06

6836 2959

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