Sunday, May 3, 2015

Trip to Lola's Cafe / Punggol Lalang Field

Sunday, May 3, 2015
Squeezed out some time to finally revive my dead blog, and as I'm typing this at 2:35am its pouring heavily outside (absolute perfect weather to sleep) so I'm just gonna do a quick post. To the anons who kept asking me to unprivate my blog on my askfm, sorry for procrastinating for so long hahaha.

Two weeks back, I had a day out with my best friend, Brenda :* So for my school, I end at 11:30am everyday (yes!), and on this particular day I headed straight to Kovan to meet Brenda. We settled for lunch at Lola's Cafe. We hardly travel to the other side of Singapore, so we felt really lost.

It was so crowded that we had to get a queue number!

My best friend thinks she looks ugly in 9/10 of her photos but I beg to differ, so hey there ma luv.

I'm in love with anything that has truffle in it, so I had to try their truffle fries!! ($12) It was good but I wished they had added more truffle oil in it. :(

We couldn't finish everything as Brenda and I had a really small appetite that day, oh well.

After lunch, we headed to the Punggol Lalang Field!

We wanted to go there to take some nice pictures and to explore the place! We're no professional photographers, so please don't mind us HAHAHA.

I'm not gonna spam this post with tons of pictures of me so here are some of the pictures we took of each other and together. All these pictures are unedited and fresh out of my nxmini camera album because....... I'm just lazy and I want to go to bed soon. 


That's all for now, not sure if anyone will be reading this, but goodnight! X

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